Goodbye Bangalore, Economist says “A city of beans by any other name will smell as sweet, or beany.”

Nice article by Ecnomist on Bangalore’s new name ‘Bengaluru’

First, the changes, which are nearly always politically inspired, often seem to annoy the locals as much as anyone else. Many Indians, surprised to be told their place names were inappropriate, still talk about Bombay and Calcutta as though nothing had changed. The people of St Petersburg have had to endure first Petrograd and then Leningrad before reclaiming their city’s pre-1914 name. The Congolese were startled one day to be told that their country, its main river and the currency would all be called Zaire. After 26 years they got their old name back. Something similar happened in Cambodia, when the ghastly Khmers Rouges imposed Kampuchea.

Yes, stalwarts from Bangalore like NR Narayana Murthy of Infosys and lot of nobodies in the blogland have spewed their anger against this name change. But, I dont agree with all their reasonings on it’s effects on Bangalore’s brand. Bengaluru by any name will have the same advantage and disadvantage that it has today. It is silly and downright non sense to think that some business will be lost with new name. (if that is the case you have no confidence in yourself). BTW, name did not change to completely different thing.

Personally, to me, it is not the anger towards the British that resulted in this name change, it is because of the neglect of local language and culture by IT people (affluent kannadigas themselves). Prominent author UR Anananthamurthy initiated this thing, even though I dont agree with lot his political views, I can see this as a way of asserting the existence of local language and culture, it probably looks irrational, but sometimes these stupid things is all you can think of when it comes to issues like cultural hegemony. (It works too, otherwise no one even bothers to acknowledge the existence of local culture!)

I really like the article by Economist, there is no other way to put it. Shame on all those who are spewing anger without really thinking through the issue and showing empathy to local issues. You cannot just keep pressing your thinking in the name of development. Educated people like NRN or bloggers should be little more lenient in their thinking towards other’s view point. (In this case, locals, who appear to be too chauvinistic with their stubborn attitude)

Real issue with Bangalore.. oops Bengaluru 😉 is it’s own problems of infrastructure, unplanned growth, stability of IT employees etc. Nothing to do with name change. Bengaluru will provide advantage as long as it can provide the great brains at a discount compared to western countries, MNC’s will flock it, whether it is called Bangalore, Bengaluru or Bendakaluru. Get over with it.

Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkatta are doing just the same, so worries are wrongly placed.


One Response to “Goodbye Bangalore, Economist says “A city of beans by any other name will smell as sweet, or beany.””

  1. areader Says:

    This article really make sense. Firt in Bangalore should think of how to control the traffic and re-think about road infra structure.

    This city has become very expensive. It was named GARDEN CITY once I guess now it has to re-named as HOGE CITY (smoke city) wherever we go can smell dust/smoke and dirt on the road/footpath etc etc.

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