Rip-off called caller ID

Most of you have caller id feature enabled, because you could not stand those marketing calls. But have you noticed how much your telco charges for this seemingly inexpensive feature? it costs $6+ per month. Yes, these baby bells that kept merging to become behemoths think that they should rip their customers on this feature royally (all other features cost $3+).

Isn’t it funny that this feature is mostly free in most of the cell phones, voip phones etc. No wonder people started going wireless completely bypassing these regional bells. (Oops, I forgot cellular providers are also merged with baby bells 😦 )

I am seriously thinking of getting off the DSL bandwagon. Free up my primary phone number from the “lock” and allow itself to be ported to VOIP phone. Currently, I pay 50+ to regional bell, $5-15 for long distance provider, $25 for international call provider. By switching to cable modem + voip, I think my cost will remain the same, but I will get additional calling features (yes, I have not enabled caller ID so far 😉 ) , faster internet, I dont know about the service, only way to find out by trying it out and incurring some pain of transition.

At the end, we are still dependent on the regional bells, for one, they own the “last mile“, so any content that wants to use the pipe into our homes has to go through them. I hope that Muncipal WiFis provide some alternatives to last mile problem, but I guess there is some limitation with the “wireless” technology.


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  1. VOIP cheap or not cheap? « Let’s think Says:

    […] BW blog has a blog on how VOIP is not the cheapest option for calling international. However, I feel that going VOIP is not just about international calls, it provides more options for the same buck(s). I just got a mailer from AT&T saying that their prices for calling features would increase, Call waiting would cost $4 (3.43 currently) and caller ID would cost $8 from $6.17 ( I dont know how their cost increased, thats why I call it rip off). […]

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