Reliance India call reacts to Airtel Call Home, lowers the price in par with Airtel

Good news, Reliance lowered their price (at least till 31st Jan 07).

Now, that is pretty hard for reliance india call loyalists to switch. Even though I want to thank airtel for bringing in the price war, I am still mad at the way they have launched their service without proper testing.


41 Responses to “Reliance India call reacts to Airtel Call Home, lowers the price in par with Airtel”

  1. Airtel Call Home sucks « Let’s think Says:

    […] Update [21-Dec-06]: Reliance has matched their price with Airtel. Thanks and no thanks to Airtel. […]

  2. tunu Says:

    he,he,he … all those airtel bashers will now eat their words. Just got to know that my friend registered with Reliance to get their double talktime promi, instead they have just change the promo by giving some extra minutes over and above the actual minutes but not double of it. Looks like reliance is chickening out slowly…1st they promise double talktime just to change it 2 days later, 2ndly, their rates cud be temporary till 31 jan. Atleast airtel delivers what it says, ofcourse apart from the initial hiccups 🙂

  3. hemant Says:

    Reliance’s double talkime my foot…..these idiots are actually not giving the extra talktime, but giving some extra benefits in minutes which are actually not double. Hello there, who are you trying to fool. The entire announcement on the web is not at all clear……just some days ago they adverstised it as double talktime. I think u’re right, they don’t have the balls to copy airtel. dunno about the rates either, whether its gonna be till 31 jan. Nothing is clear out here.

  4. Let's think Says:

    VOIP cheap or not cheap?

    BW blog has a blog on how VOIP is not the cheapest option for calling international. However, I feel that going VOIP is not just about international calls, it provides more options for the same buck(s). I just got a mailer from AT&T saying that the…

  5. Logan Ramasamy Says:

    I have been using Startec. It is superb. The same 7.9 cents. These are guys launched 7.9 cents first. Their web site is fantastic. By pressing 2 buttons, I can talk to my folks at home in India. You can see bills onl;ine. It is automatically bill to the credit card. Totally hassle free.

  6. Deepak Yadav Says:

    Again A poor Show by Airtel India call – Summer Shower Offers Flops

    Recently i came to know about Airtel Summer Shower Offers. THey mailed all their registered Customers but the truth is that to reach them REGISTER Or RECHARGE neither their website is working (down from last 5 days……nor their toll free number works……i m trying to contact them but even after dialing thir nos hundreds of time they dont respond…lines always busy………..a very poor show by airtel once again…..

    Airtel guys are Loosers…….

  7. Varun Munjal Says:


    Experience with Airtel Callhome has been indeed very painful. firstly their site doesnt work if it bychance shows a glimpse of their homepage…..the other links on it doesnt work…..they are big cheaters. I belive they are FRAUD!!

    Now they announced their Summer Shower scheme to give Some extra talktime….bt it is not so….their website is down from last 3 days & I personally have been facing difficulty to make calls….they have very poor Quality & service and is totally Unsatisfactory.

    I Plan to quit Airtel and will find better option. My frns who have been using Reliance says a lot about the Voice Clarity & amazing Customer support services……SO good bye Airtel…..foreverrrrrr!!

  8. Sonal Shah Says:

    Airtel Call home really Sucks!!

    Even I agree that they have the worst service in the world
    their service sucks….really sucks big time… now even their latest Summers Shower offer is super flop. Since the day they announced, their website is down and not workin. website is so slow looks like the top management themselves physical load the data when you log on. Even when one tries calling their Customer care number they never respond.

    If this will be the level of service they give Soon they should pack their bags & move. Seems they r having hard times as reliance India Call has come up with many new offers and with quality Service & nominal rates.

    I feel airtel is finding difficult to cope with Reliance as it has matched their rate to Airtel, I myself see no point in going thro’ the Airtel frustration and I have stopped using Airtel and switched back to Reliance…

  9. Ankita Kothari Says:

    Airtel Sucks———Reliance Rocks!!

    What kind of service Airtel is providing they ONLY know…….bcoz their website never works…..their customer care numbr doesnt work…..they dont revert to E-mails… can not get through numbers…..lines always busy…..they charge you extra…..they give no offers…..even wen you fulfill all conditions….So I Have pretty much given up on AirTel Call home & now Started using Reliance back. For the last couple of weeks been very delighted to use Reliance…….need not to bother much & good easy connectivity!!

    I for one though will never use AirTel again!

  10. J Roy Says:

    Pathetic simply Pathetic!!!

    This is what i would call Airtel callhome service. Ever since they launched they seems to have one or the other problem. Even now on their new Summer Showers Offer…they have proven themselves NUTs……there site is down from last 4-5 days & they dont respond to phone calls/emails. Their customer care no is always busy. That junk of webpages which they call as website is fully broken and too slow…it never works!! Don’t go with Airtel.

    I feel Reliance India call is much better….No issues with reliance…..Had been using it for more than an year. They have also slashed their prices. More important I heard that they are bringing some offers very soon.

  11. Roshni Chopa Says:

    Airtel should stop providing Airtel Call Home Service because at airtel

    -Website Does’nt Work
    -Customer Care Does’nt work
    -E-mails Does’nt work
    -Registration Does’nt work
    -Recharge Does’nt work
    -TOLL Free Does’nt work

    I wonder why the hell they are Working!! So, I think even they should stop working. Let their be space for some one good service provider who understans customer nees better ie. Reliance India Call which are far far better. Reliance gives some better offers and they keep their Promise.

  12. amit Says:

    I could tell u one thing, Reliance India Call sucks, I bet you there is no one to attened to ur calls. I have worked for Reliance earlier so guess i should know some…
    Have been trying to connect on to the 1866 # and its always not available. Their website to has no plce where u can voice ur comments. Just a prominent tab on where u have u put ur credit card info.. Damm have been using this service for 3 years but today am kind of finished with it…

  13. JimmyPatel Says:

    They all suck – the only one I’ve had a good experience with is Startec. I’ve been a customer on and off for years and with their rate now at 6.9¢ I have no excuse (and neither should anyone else).

    I get my bill electronically, I can check every detail of my service online (and the website is THERE and doesn’t take 2 hours to load like Reliance). The only time I’ve called customer service it went fine.

    I had enough of the half-baked products that Airtel and Reliance are peddling… I’m sticking to Startec (until someone does a 4¢ rate!)

  14. senramesh Says:

    its sucks..!!!!!!!! FUCK those airtel guys

  15. Kushal Singh Says:

    Hey heard of Reliance India Call Jumpstart 2008 offer! They are giving away movie downloads!

  16. vicky Says:

    airtel callhome is a far better service as compared to other shitty players like relaince…airtel always give u far better offers and their call clarity is the best in the world…

  17. taaby Says:

    airtel is best communication,but sometimes its make lots of problem,but its d best network 4me,in dis india,i cant compare dis communication wid world,about reliance its give cheaper rate,but as well as dat,their earn more den dat,vich always,make dem profit.

  18. Sam Says:

    Reliance quality is going down.. Their website is down many times. If you call using the local toll free access number the phone get disconnected automatically after few minutes. If I am paying higher charges I expect to get value for my money. I am seriously thinking to switch to airtel. Airtel is offering 6 cents versus reliance 7.4 or 7.9 cents which is 20% higher then airtel.

  19. Alex Says:

    Reliance indian phone cards is not only all reliance phone cards/
    Many shops in internet have keywords “reliance”.
    All phone cards is reliance.
    Please visit to my shop

  20. Dial91sales Says:

    Check out Only 3.9 cents to India fixed and mobile phone. The quality is great too.

  21. viki Says:

    Reliance India Call is now Reliance Global Call

  22. Pratiksha Rajapure Says:

    They always say quality can never be cheap. I realised it the hard way when i subscribed for airtel call home service which was a disaster for me. I was using reliance india call service but had changed to airtel due to lower prices.
    Now reliance has lowered their prices to 5.9 cents which is great and now i have come back to reliance.
    It still rocks.

  23. Rohan Shah Says:

    Reliance is the best service available in Hong Kong. As everybody always say there is no issue with call quality, there is no call drops either, we just have to pay 69.9 Hong Kong cents per minute. we get full talktime and reliance give a lot of freebies also. I am for sure not changing my CC not until reliance starts giving bad service.

  24. Kapil Bhatia Says:

    I have found a great help here in Australia. It is the Reliance India Call Calling cards, it is not easy for a student of indian origin to survive in foreign country where everything is so costly. Reliance calling cards is where ican save a lot of money to make calls home. they charge very low at 7.9 cents per minute. this is not all they have a very responsive call center. great call quality with full talktime, i am loving it.

    do visit to make calls to india at

  25. Robin thomas Says:

    hey guys, i have great news for reliance calling card users this diwali. They have slashed their calling rates to as low as 5.9 cents/min and also offering 120 mins free talk time as an addon.Airtel is also a good buy too, but i find the voice quality on reliance to be far better.This gonna be one cracker of a diwali!!!

  26. Niraj Says:

    Few days ago from my rilence india mobile cut per week rs.30 and get a SMS that i am a subscriber of lovetips. But I am not set love tips.

  27. Meena Says:

    I just shifted to UK and my fiance is in India. So I need to make daily calls to him..You can very well understand this 🙂 So I just registered on the AirtelCallHome website and found some interesting offers for the November. And I easily got my a/c details.. So No Complaints from Airtel Call Home.

  28. Airtel sucks big time Says:

    Airtel and Reliance both are trying to make money here. Reliance came in to Indian Market by false rates (some 10 paise per call, which was never true). I can carry Reliance to a village where no one else gives u the signal except BSNL.

    In US I faced problems with Reliance couple of times( but only during peak times like festivals where the call volume is so high, no one can help it I guess ). To be frank I am with Reliance since the day I came to US, ofcourse they came up with double minutes which is a big scam, I specifically like the EASY dial on reliance, where you can just press a single digit rather than dialing the entire number.

    I prefer quality so I like Reliance.

    PS: I never used Airtel in US
    Dont fall for Scams by Reliance.
    I can call Reliance Number from Yahoo which saves me some minutes.

  29. sr Says:

    I wonder why BSNL is not coming with calls from outside India? If they come up with their service, I bet it would be cheaper than airtel or reliance.

  30. shuriti mathur Says:

    Hey guys,check out Reliance iCall ,the latest VoIP service from Reliance Globalcom. You have to register on their website I did that and then started calling friends living as far apart as US and Africa. To my surprise, the voice quality was amazing and we guys had a virtual blast. I heard that this service is available free upto the 15th of Jan so all you guys better start hooking up fast with long lost friends!

  31. raj Says:

    My Airtel account was disabled and asked to call customer care, To my surprise i was told that as my account wasn’t used for 6 months and hence my account was closed and my amount was forfeited … ‘as per their policy”
    “Airtel is such a scumbags”

    I have been using reliance for long time, no issues till now… they are thousand times better than Aitel.

  32. satish palkar Says:

    Has anybody tried Reliance Global Call? I have friends asking me to go for it since the voice quality is very good and call drops are also very low. They seem to be offering the lowest call rates to India from the U.S at around 3.5 cents/min, with an addon of upto 2300 mins free talktime as part of their Holi and Eid package.i have made up my mind,unless you guys can suggest something better

  33. namita Says:

    Reliance has come out with a great offer this time. They are giving back 50% talktime for using their service. Hurry up the offer ends on the 6th April, 2009. Sign up on their website

  34. KM Says:

    Airtel had one of the best plans and service in the world – once – for calling US to India.

    Their customer support is not just bad – it is non-existent. Has anybody tried lately to reach their so called 24×7 customer support? Well most probably even if you did – it gives 2 options – and no matter which one you select – you never go through. Amazing.

    Their customer support email reverts with an automated message bragging about replying in 24 hours and nevers does responds back. The escalation email is same. Amazing.

    I am going back to Reliance once my minutes are over here.

  35. auditor Says:

    Aitel and Reliance both the plans have administration cost added which makes calling cost 2 cents or above per minute and not as promised 1 cent a minute its just another marketing gimmick by these companies to fool people.

  36. Alex Says:

    Fine blog for reliance cards

  37. jimmy Says:

    Today the whole reliance network including customer care was down in the UK. they should return our money if they cannot provide service

  38. Ethel Saade Says:

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    […]Reliance India call reacts to Airtel Call Home, lowers the price in par with Airtel « Let’s think[…]…

  41. click 2 call Says:

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    […]Reliance India call reacts to Airtel Call Home, lowers the price in par with Airtel « Let’s think[…]…

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