VOIP cheap or not cheap?

BW blog has a blog on how VOIP is not the cheapest option for calling international. However, I feel that going VOIP is not just about international calls, it provides more options for the same buck(s). I just got a mailer from AT&T saying that their prices for calling features would increase, Call waiting would cost $4 (3.43 currently) and caller ID would cost $8 from $6.17 ( I dont know how their cost increased, thats why I call it rip off).

With all necessary features, your traditional telco bill would run into $40, with VOIP phone for ~ $25 you’ll get all those features and unlimited domestic calling. Only thing is the long term reliability and financial health of the VOIP providers. I have talked about the advantages of using VOIP to India calls in my other posts here and here. Also, I feel that calling cards are not reliable and have their own issues.


3 Responses to “VOIP cheap or not cheap?”

  1. Airtel Call Home sucks « Let’s think Says:

    […] Also, checkout my musings on voip service, using bsnl broadband and getting ripped off by regional bells (no longer baby bell). […]

  2. Courtney Lawrence Says:

    Can You See Me Now?
    Get a Home Unlimited Video Plan for your friends, family, and business associates and you can see and speak to them all you want from anywhere in the United States or Canada for one low monthly cost!

    FEATURES INCLUDE: Plug-and-Play! NO need for monitor, microphone, or speakers
    Same great features as other GLOBALINX plans –

  3. Matthew Says:

    I have a butthole, and Verizon sucks it.

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