Hottest year and religion of global warming

There is lot of press on 2007 is supposed be a hottest year ever recorded because of El nino, you can read about it here, here and here.

But interesting thing or discussion is about if it is related to global warming or just natural cyclic phenomena we have not recorded before. You never know, it is all about relativeness in science/ truth (anekantavada). As it stands, it seems like there is a notable temperature increase in recent years. Everyone, depending on where they stand (or how they make their living) provide an analysis, twist, quirk on the news, observation etc. Some people are equating the fear on global warming to religion, saying what Gore’s preaching is not exactly science and people are blindly following him.

For me, who cares? if global warming is the magic mantra that makes people to think twice about their everyday consumption of natural resources, that is good enough. Even if it is totally farce, just does not matter as long as people start to drive fuel efficient cars, forces the factories to emit less green house gases, that is good enough. (Aparigraha)

Of course, religion also supposed to make people better with blind faith, alas some hijacked it and made it a cause for more destruction. Hope environmentalism does not lead to similar things.


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