Netflix tries _online_ rental

I understand, they always had the online model. But, now they are trying out their hand in the download… sorry stream mode of delivery for rentals.

Well, there are conditions, you got to have real high speed internet, only 1000 titles are available for now, there is only ‘n’ hours available per customer.

They do want to go one-up against Blockbusters Total Access, which is a great service for consumers. My son loves to browse in the store and I usually get confused in store because I forget what I am looking for. So, I have gotten their minimum subscription ($10 per month + tax) and I get a dvd for myself online and when my son wants (he is just a kid, he just wants some cartoon), I just use the returns to get one in-store rental free.

Anyway, even with my high speed internet online video is not that great so far. I doubt if Netflix has mastered that technology. But we never know till some one tries it and reviews it. For me, it is not impressive, as I am more comfortable watching from a DVD player than hooking my laptop into TV. (I dont know how to get a good quality with that)

Till that time, I feel the same way as OmMalik feels…. “Return to the sender


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