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Turbo tax… god! why cant they do “stock plan” related things properly?

February 8, 2007

I thought buying Turbotax Premier would help me with the ESOP and ESPP sales. Alas, it almost looks like they have no idea what kind of hell it is to enter information. (Which almost makes me think that they dont use their software)

– It does pull all the sale information from the financial institutions (like Etrade), but everything is considered as stock, I cannot pull that information into Stock plan section.. yikes!!
– Now, I want to delete these information that are downloaded.
– I try using keyboard “delete” button, no it does not work. I need to click on the button on the screen.
– OK, let me at least do a bulk delete, NO! you cannot do multi-select each item has to be selected and then you have to confirm in another screen.
– Now, once you delete a transaction, at least you think that cursor is moves to next entry (or around the same place). Oh no #@$##$#, it selects the first one in the list!!!

OK, I searched the help and found that you can delete the whole set of things by using File menu!! Some relief at last (even though it did delete some other information I wanted it to be retained, but what can you do, something is better than nothing 😦 )