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Pat Buchanan is right

December 14, 2006

Yes, I can’t believe that I would’ve agreed with a conservative politician like him, but his op-ed really nails the point the Iraq situation and on the Iraq study group. In his first piece he says:

Yet the brutal honesty of the Baker-Hamilton commission about the situation in Iraq is accompanied by recommendations that are almost utopian in their unreality.

Isn’t it really true, report is really honest in admitting the situation (which apparently even incoming sec. of defense agreed). However, solution is not really something easy to come by and Iraq study group made recommendations which dont really solve problems for Iraq but probably for US internal politics. Now, no one knows how to handle the mess, staying with additional resources will be politically challenging, at the same time withdrawl may worsen the situation for Iraq.

He goes on to say:

The Baker-Hamilton commission has told us in brutal frankness that the patient is dying, for which we are grateful. But the commission is, in its own way, as much in denial as George W. Bush. For the surgery it recommends for Iraq looks more like a mercy killing than a miracle cure.

Guess we need a miracle now.

In his second piece, he speculates how blame game will shape up in coming days:

The neocons are also preparing their defense before the bar of history. Realizing the Baker Commission recommendations point to slow-motion defeat, they are savaging Baker and calling for tens of thousands more U.S. troops to be sent to Baghdad and a new strategy of victory, no matter how much it costs or how long it takes.

If Bush fails to follow their counsel, they will then say: “It was not our fault. It was Bush’s rejection of our advice that lost the war.”

Democrats aren’t off the hook either, he says:

The Democratic establishment, which gave Bush a blank check to take us to war, “to get the issue out of the way” before the midterms in 2002, is also preparing its defense of the role it played in plunging us into Mesopotamia, the “if-only-we-had-known” defense.


The Democrats’ defense begs these questions: Why didn’t you know? Why didn’t you find out? Why didn’t you do your constitutional duty and refuse the president the power to go to war until he had convinced you that only war could spare the republic worse horrors?


The people who were right about Iraq were those who rejected bipartisanship to warn that invading Iraq was an unnecessary, unwise and, yes, even an unjust war that would inflame the Arab and Islamic world against us. Unsurprisingly, this group had no representative on the Baker-Hamilton Commission.

It is hard to see what is a good solution for the Iraq mess, but sad part is it has also depleted the invincibility of US. Iranian Prime minster and other jokers like him are making all sort of noises and they know that US cannot threaten him with a war. War is an important tool in the quest for world peace, it has to be used aptly, only then it’s value will be retained. One bad move has emboldened leaders like North Korean leader and Iranian leaders, which is sad!!